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At Home Healthy Homes, our basement restoration technicians specialize in multiple services that will protect you from the dangers of excessive moisture. Heavy rains and high humidity can attribute to unseen water around the outside of your home’s foundation. When water accumulates within the various crevices of your home, walls and floors may deteriorate over time and mold can develop on the wall beams and carpeting.

Pungent smells can rise from the basement and spread throughout the entire house, which is indicative of compromised air quality and exposure to potential health risks. Trust our experienced home improvement specialists to diagnose your specific issue and provide you with fast, effective home restoration services.

Basement Waterproofing

Waterproofing is essential to protecting your basement and the rest of your home from mold, poor air quality, and severe structural damage. Basement care is often neglected despite basements comprising an entire third of many homes. When a basement experiences leakages, humidity, and other forms of moisture exposure, you and your family are at risk for many health problems. Trust our Nassau County basement waterproofing experts to repair and restore your property in a timely fashion.

Mold Removal

Mold is a fungus that thrives in the damp, moisture-laden areas on the inside and outside of your home. Many strands of mold favor basement areas where the fungus can thrive and eventually contaminate the air of your living space. Our Nassau County mold removal services are trustworthy and effective.

Indoor Air Purification

Our technicians at Home Healthy Homes care deeply about the air you breathe. Poor air quality is often caused by mold hidden in the walls and floors, building materials and furnishings, tobacco smoke, poor ventilation, among other factors. If you recently purchased a home and have not had your air quality inspected, you should schedule a free in-home air quality inspection!

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