Basement Waterproofing FAQs

Basement Waterproofing FAQs

Get Answers to Your Questions About Basement Waterproofing


Q. Can Basement Waterproofing be Done in the Winter?

Winter weather affects many home services including basement waterproofing. Some basement waterproofing services can be completed during winter months whereas others are better suited for repair during warmer weather. During the winter, crack injections can be used to waterproof a basement as the cold makes the concrete shrink and their cracks are at their widest. However, if your repair has to do with digging around the outside around your basement foundation, the frozen ground makes this type of repair difficult to impossible in colder months.

Q. Does Basement Waterproofing Increase Home Value?

Smart homeowners or even those who have a habit of watching real estate shows or HGTV knows that kitchen and bathrooms are a great place to invest your money to boost the resale value of your home. Sure basement waterproofing isn’t as sexy as new granite countertops or a soaker tub but it can pay off as well and not just at the time of sale but in the years of use – as living space, storage space or workshop space – while you live in your home. Basement waterproofing has a high rate of home resale value in comparison to the expense. It can also eliminate health-threatening mold and prevent potentially devastating structural damage to your house. While it is true that waterproofing your basement represents a significant expense, it is money well spent. A moldy basement with moisture seeping through the walls or collecting in pools on the floor is a major drawback for presenting a home to prospective buyers, not to mention a major structural problem just waiting to happen.

Q. How Does Water Get in the Basement?

If you find water seeping in your home, start your investigation outside of your home. Start with the gutters, downspouts and other drainage systems. Make sure each of them are working effectively. Next check the grade of the soil around the foundation. It should be encouraging water to fllow away from exterior walls, not towards them. To avoid water getting into your basement resulting in a flooded basement, make sure that any water problems that originate from the gutters, downspouts or grading are eliminated. Keep everything well maintained and keep water flowing away from the home as much as possible.

Q. How Much Does Basement Waterproofing Cost?

Basement waterproofing is a significant, but worthwhile, investment. While minor repairs can cost $500 most basement waterproofing systems cost from $2,000 to $20,000 with $5,000 to $10,000 being the average range. Without seeing the cause of the water and the damage, it is almost impossible to provide a quote on the repair. This is why Home Healthy Homes offers free estimates. This way we can assess the damage and provide you with an accurate quote for the waterproofing.

Q. Is Basement Waterproofing Necessary?

The easier to answer question is – do you enjoy water in your basement? Do you enjoy the possibility of your basement flooding? If you said no, then yes basement waterproofing is necessary. Not only is a wet basement unusable, flooded foundations can be seriously weakened and toxic mold–the newest threat to residential indoor air quality–can fester faster when an ample supply of water lies just underfoot.

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