Mold Myths

Debunking Mold Myths

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Mold Myth #1: Mold is Only an Aesthetic Issue

While it is true that aesthetically mold can be problematic or your home that is not the only issue associated with mold. There are far more issues associated with mold than it simply being not pleasing to the eye. Other issues of mold are ones that can impact your health.

Mold travels around via spores which are microscopic and can float through the air. As a result, indoor air quality is compromised and can create problems for anyone with respiratory issues like allergies or asthma. Some types of mold can be particularly hazardous to your healthy causing neurological problems on contact. The safest way to handle mold is with the help of a professional mold remediation team.

Mold Myth #2: You Can Get Rid of Mold with Bleach

Many people are under the impression that you can effectively get rid of mold with bleach. However, bleaching your mold will not tell you anything about the nature of the problem and you may not even get to it at all. Furthermore, you risk coming into direct contact with the mold which can have a variety of consequences as there are some mold types that are toxic to humans. To ensure that you effectively get rid of mold and not risk your own safety, it is best to seek a professional mold remedication service rather than take on the mold on your own.

Mold Myth #3: Your Only Problem is the Mold You Can See

Just because you only see a small amount of mold or possibly no mold at all that doesn’t mean that you are seeing the full extent of the problem. Mold can hide underneath floors, inside walls and in other areas that you can’t easily see, so what you see may only be a small part of the problem. Another reason to contact a professional mold remediation team is because they know where to look and how to remove your mold – all of it, not only the parts you can see.

Mold Myth #4: Cleaning Up Mold is Easy

While there are some types of mold that you could clean up in small quantities, most people are not equipped to do proper mold remediation. Simply wiping it down or use bleach on mold is not good enough. In order to properly “cleanup” mold you must identify the cause, isolate the area to keep the mold from spreading, and clean and/or remove the affected surfaces.

Unless you know how to setup a containment unit, have a couple of commercial sized HEPA air filtration units, protective gear, HEPA vacuums, specialized cleaning agents, and can do a wet extraction to keep mold spores from spreading, you should probably call a professional mold remediation company.

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